Dana Grosser‐Clarkson Awarded STEM Fellowship

Dana Grosser‐Clarkson, University of Maryland, has been selected for one of 10 highly competitive annual CADRE Fellowships.

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Drs. Clark and Goffney give talk at U of California, Berkeley

Drs. Lawrence Clark and Imani Goffney give invited talk, "Observing practices that support learners’ identity development and participation in mathematics classrooms."

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Insights into the School Mathematics Tradition from Solving Linear Equations

Orly Buchbinder (Pos-doc), Dan Chazan (Faculty) and Elizabeth Fleming (Grad student) published about the history of solving equations in school and attempts to understand it as an institutional practice.

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Teacher with Student (STEM)


This professional development for school transformation in local schools focuses in middle school and high school mathematics teachers’ ability to teach to the Common Core Standards for Mathematics Practice (CCSS-MP) with a particular focus on the pedagogical content knowledge of mathematics.

Teacher with Student (STEM)


A comprehensive teacher preparation and recruitment effort aimed at attracting and preparing a talented, diverse cohort of UMD students to effectively teach mathematics and science in high needs middle and high schools.

Teacher with Student (STEM)


An early-entry resident teacher (i.e., alternative certification) program that recruits career changers and recent college graduates who are committed to and have the potential to effectively teach middle grades mathematics and science to a diverse student body in high needs middle schools.

Teacher with Student (STEM)


A collaborative, NSF-funded research and development project that builds on prior research using media-rich, online materials in teacher education. By decomposing ambitious teaching into small actions that can be practiced outside of the K-12 classroom, candidates have an opportunity to practice specific moves and learn to respond flexibly to student thinking. Such practice is intended to help preservice teachers make smoother transitions into the work of the teacher.

Elementary Math Specialist

Elementary Math Specialists

Two collaborative, NSF-funded research projects developed courses to prepare elementary mathematics specialists across 18 school districts in Virginia and then studied the variability in their work and their impact on student achievement as measured by Virginia's standardized assessments. This work is highlighted in The Elementary Mathematics Specialist's Handbook, published by NCTM.


Teacher with Student (STEM)

Terrapin Teachers

Terrapin Teachers works to answer growing local and national needs for highly qualified math and science teachers. It supports the development of science and math teachers who are truly grounded in their disciplines and who can effectively communicate not only the subject material, but also the excitement of discovery