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Message from the Dean

Dean Donna Wiseman
Welcome to our World of Learning! It's my pleasure to extend a personal greeting on behalf of our faculty, staff and students, and to invite you to explore on our website the breadth and depth of our outstanding institution.

For nearly 100 years the University of Maryland has helped prepare educators and researchers for the awesome responsibility of ensuring that all individuals’ distinct abilities are nurtured from potential to achievement. Over the last half century we have grown to become one of a handful of national leaders helping set the agenda for k-16 education, grounding the preparation of teachers in cutting-edge research, sending our graduates to schools and classrooms as teachers, counselors and administrators, and sending the graduates of our master's and doctoral programs to campuses and organizations across the nation and indeed, around the world.

If there is a hallmark to the graduates of our programs and our research I believe it is this: excellence and relevance, each informing the other. We encourage our students to be leaders and to use research to guide and evaluate their professional practice. For our faculty we encourage and support research of the first order that explores a wide range of critical issues ranging from understanding how individuals learn and develop to the creation of useful and effective assessments of the social and cultural challenges surrounding educational achievement.

We devote considerable resources to the delivery of an array of programs both on and off campus for individuals such as career changers, retirees, or simply recent college graduates who have decided to pursue a professional career in education. Our programs encourage inquiry and reflection, teaching for understanding, embracing diversity and building democratic learning communities - the core tenets of successful teaching and learning.

I am proud to be associated with such a dynamic, engaged college and university. I welcome your interest in the University of Maryland College of Education. Should you desire more information about us I encourage you to contact our Office of Student Services at 301.405.2364, or our Office of Advancement: 301.405.2334.

Donna Wiseman