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EDSP Doctoral Program


The Department of Special Education (EDSP) offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree which is designed to prepare individuals to conduct and disseminate research and prepare future teachers in special education. U.S. News and World Report has consistently ranked the EDSP program as one of the nation's leading programs in personnel preparation. Students accepted into the PhD program are prepared to assume faculty positions at research universities or leadership positions in state and local education agencies, policy organizations, or the federal government. The program is designed to:

  1. Prepare highly qualified scholars and researchers in the field of special education
  2. Prepare highly qualified teacher educators in the field of special education who can prepare personnel in the field of special education
  3. Prepare leaders, advocates, and policy developers who will make an impact upon the education and lives of individuals with disabilities and their families

Please review the Special Education Doctoral Program Handbook for admissions and program information.

Students are expected to pursue a full time program of study.

The Special Education PhD program is under revision and pending approval. Please contact faculty members to discuss admissions and program information.

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Project ProPELL Doctoral Training Program

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