The Higher Education, Student Affairs, and International Education Policy program at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) is committed to advancing the positive role education can have in society. Our faculty and students study core facets of the education system, including the functioning and impact of colleges and universities; the enactment and implementation of K-18 and informal education policies; and the analysis of organizational processes. With particular emphasis on social justice, diversity, policy, and system change, our students, alumni and faculty are scholars, practitioners, change agents, and innovative leaders active in universities, as well as in national and international organizations and policy-making bodies. The HESI program is a community of ten full-time faculty members with master’s and doctoral students who share an interest in the study of higher education, student affairs, and/or international education policy. We have selected you as a student on the basis of your previous academic and professional achievements. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our students’ backgrounds, and your practical and research experiences prior to enrolling in our program is one of our major strengths. The purpose of the program is to provide you with the conceptual understandings and professional skills that will permit you to eventually fill a leadership role in educational institutions and agencies as a reflective practitioner and/or as an active scholar in the field. These goals will vary slightly based on your ultimate career goal, and in which of the three concentrations you are enrolled.

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For more information visit the graduate admission requirements webpage. Select an area of interest from the various offerings in the College of Education to determine the admission requirements and deadlines.  If you are unsure of your area of interest you may request information by submitting an Inquiry Form


Please refer to the Guide to Applying for instructions on how to apply for graduate admission. If you have questions or concerns, we ask you to first review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.  International applicants should visit the International admissions webpage for additional information.  For questions about the application process, or to check on the completion of your application please contact:

Judy Foster, Coordinator of Graduate Admissions
Office of Student Services, College of Education
(301) 405-2359                  

After you apply for graduate admission you may check your application status by logging into the online graduate application using your user name and password.  Graduate faculty in the Academic Department you applied to will review your completed application for graduate admission.  Questions regarding application reviews and decision recommendations should be directed to Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education (CHSE).  Please contact:

Carol Scott, Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education
(301) 405-8384

Please contact the Office of Student Services,, or (301) 405-2364.

For a list of the College of Education Scholarship opportunities visit:  /admissions/ financial-aid-scholarships

For information about additional funding opportunities, including the Graduate School Fellowship and Graduate Assistantship availability visit:    

For information about other student financial aid, review the Office of the Student Financial Aid website.

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