Transitions can be tough, especially if your child has special needs. In this blog post we interviewed Lynette Russell, an Early Childhood Special Education Instructional Specialist in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Lynette shared with us ways that parents can help their young children adjust to the new school year.



Through our collaboration with state/local early childhood advisory councils, school systems and community organizations, we have developed a Resource Guide intended to provide families with the information they need to promote the optimum health, development and learning of the county’s young children. This resource guide includes a compilation of agencies throughout Prince George’s County as well as informative websites that address children’s health and parenting.


Back to School Tips for Parents of Young Children

It's back to school season! In this blog post we discuss how how parents can help ease the transition for their preschoolers.




The Role of Music in Early Childhood Classrooms

Nancy Nuttle is the Director of Music Together Montgomery in Montgomery County, Maryland. For this blog post, we asked Ms. Nuttle to help us think about how Early Childhood Educators can bring music into their classrooms. 




The Importance of Music in Early Childhood

Young children love music, but did you know that music promotes early brain development? In this blog post we discuss some of the different ways that music can benefit child development.



Promoting Early Language Development

Sadiqa Cash is the Group Facilitator of weekly Caregivers Helping to Advance Toddler Talk, or "CHATT" groups at Samuel Chase Judy Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland. For this blog post, we interviewed Ms. Cash to learn more about how caregivers can promote early language development.



Promoting Attachment and Early Development

Did you know that newborns come into the world biologically pre-wired to seek interaction? Read more about the importance of early caregiving relationships in this blog post.