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Undergraduate Programs

Scholarship Programs

Contributions from the College of Education Alumni and Friends have made it possible to award a number of $1,000 scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate students for each academic year. These awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Academic performance
  • Financial need
  • Leadership and contributions to the field of education or
    commitment to potential leadership in the field of education
  • Encouragement of a diverse and multicultural community
College of Education Scholarship Funds
Major Contributors to the College of Education Scholarship Funds:
  • Alumni Board Scholarship
  • Charles Beatty Scholarship Fund
  • Ellen Brandt Scholarship Fund
  • Donald Maley Scholarship Fund
  • Morris Frankel Memorial Fund
  • Lillian Ernest Wilson Memorial Fund
  • Naomi P. Hentz Memorial Fund
  • Willamy Simonds King Memorial Fund
  • Walter Waetjen Graduate Fund
  • Donald J. Robinson, Jr. Memorial Fund
  • George R. Merrill, Jr. Memorial Fund
  • Philip and Ora Ordwein Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Constance Herreshoff Gordon Scholarship Fund
  • The Carolyn H. and Howard F. Ahrens Education Scholarship
  • The Vincent and Mary Straface Family Scholarship in Education
  • The Miriam Farwell Grant Scholarship
  • Friends of the College
College of Education Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications may be obtained in the Office of Student Services (1204 Benjamin). You may also print applications online, using the links below. Please make sure that you print the application and the faculty recommendation form. Your scholarship application will not be reviewed unless a completed faculty recommendation has been received.

Download Incoming Freshman Scholarship Application
Freshman Application 2013-2014 (Word Doc)
Freshman Application 2013-2014 (PDF)
Please complete and return to 1204 Benjamin Building by June 7, 2013

Download Transfer Student Scholarship Application

Transfer-Student Application 2013-2014 (Word Doc)
Transfer-Student Application 2013-2014 (PDF)
Please complete and return to 1204 Benjamin Building by July 26, 2013

Download Undergraduate/Graduate Student Scholarship Application
Undergrad/Grad 2013-2014 (Word Doc)
Undergrad/Grad 2013-2014 (PDF)
Please complete and return to 1204 Benjamin Building by April 15, 2013

Download Charles Beatty Scholarship Application
Charles Beatty Scholarship 2013-2014 Application (Word Doc)
Charles Beatty Scholarship 2013-2014 Application (PDF)
Please complete and return to 1204 Benjamin Building August 30, 2013

Download Alumni Board Scholarship Application
Alumni Board Sholarship 2013-2014 Application (Word Doc)
Alumni Board Scholarship 2013-2014 Application (PDF)
Please complete and return to 1204 Benjamin Building by April 1, 2013


Other Scholarship Opportunities
There are many scholarship opportunities available to education majors.

The National Scholarships Office website
The Office of Undergraduate Studies, National Scholarships Office is committed to helping students of the University of Maryland identify, apply for, and win national scholarships and fellowships in their pursuit of higher education. This website is designed to assist students with identifying opportunities that match their need, research for specific field of study, offer information about eligibility and deadlines, and provide information to help create a winning application. Check it out!

National SMART Grants Program
The National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant program established by the federal government. These grants are ideal for Secondary Science, Math, and Foreign Language Education majors.

University of Maryland Financial Aid Office
The Office of Student Financial Aid (located in the Lee Building) has information about merit-based and need-based scholarships, loans, and other financial aid options.  Please contact that office for more information about your specific needs and opportunities.

U.S. Department of Education
The federal government provides many different types of financial aid, including grants, loans, and other programs, especially for those considering teaching as a profession.

Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program
This grant program by the state of Maryland encompasses several scholarship programs, including the former Sharon Christa McAuliffe Memorial Teacher Education Scholarship.

Note: The Maryland HOPE Scholarship is being phased out and is no longer accepting new applications. Students already receiving HOPE funding will have their awards renewed as long as they remain eligible.