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In June 2010 the Office of Initiatives in the College of Education received a grant from the Longview Foundation to develop the Principals' Academy for International Education. The program was designed to support elementary, middle and high school principals as they face the challenges of preparing globally competent students. The Principals' Academy is designed to stimulate global growth and understanding at the school level, beginning with the critical leadership level of the principalship. Principals participated in intensive initial workshop sessions and committed to implement an international education project in their schools. Each school is awarded $1000 to support project implementation.

Modeled after the College's GATE fellows program, also funded initially by Longview, principals met initially during an intensive two-day summer workshop. During these two days, sessions focused on defining global competence, understanding what schools can do and are doing to prepare globally competent students, and showcasing a variety of on and off campus resources to support school internationalization efforts. Also during the summer workshop school principals begin to consider the kinds of projects they would develop at their schools.

In addition to the two day workshop, principals meet monthly discussing current topics in international education as well as interacting as a learning community providing feedback and support on school project development.

Fourteen principals enrolled in the program initially from schools in Prince Georges' County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County and Howard County.
During the year following, participating principals met in periodic seminars on the university campus to share progress of their projects and to discuss international education matters relevant to all. A variety of projects took shape during this time, and they ranged from new curriculum and teaching initiative within the school to enhancing school-wide internationalization programs that were already in existence and gaining momentum.
In November of 2011, principals presented the results of their projects at our annual Statewide Invitational Colloquium on International Education. Four principals from the Academy presented at the plenary session, and a number of the participating schools made poster presentations during the poster session in the middle of the day. For more information and examples of projects, follow the links below, and check out photos from the Colloquium here.



See the Samuel Ogle Middle School's Global Initiative Project, a culmination of their work in the Principal's Academy!

The Global Ogle Initiative from pedro Javier Gonzalez on Vimeo.

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