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GATE - Global Awareness in Teacher Education

Congratulations! to the recipients of the GATE Fellowship for Fall 2013.

  • Colleen O'Neal

Please click here to view the paper, “The Role of Faculty Development in Curricular Transformation for Internationalization”

Gate Fellows 2010

In order to prepare preservice teachers in global education, faculty in the College of Education also need to receive additional training and support in order to address the lack of research on global education, especially in the area of curriculum development for preservice teacher preparation. The GATE Fellows program is designed to address this knowledge gap and begin building a cohort of enthusiastic faculty dedicated to the continued internationalization of the College of Education. The first two GATE cohorts were funded by grants from the Longview Foundation for the purpose of enhancing global and international dimensions of our teacher education program. The program has since become institutionalized and is funded by the College and has broadened its focus.

This program is modeled on the long-standing campus Lilly-Center on Teaching Excellence (CTE) Teaching Fellows program, which provides opportunities for faculty to engage in dialogue and faculty development. Each Fellow is awarded a $2000 stipend and a modest budget for curriculum development. Fellows participate fully in the meetings and develop a learning community focused on internationalizing through curriculum transformation. New in 2010 was the inclusion of faculty from outside of teacher education. The diversity of the projects broadened the scope of our internationalizing efforts.

2011 Cohort

2010 Cohort

Each fellow develops a project that is presented at the annual Statewide Internationalizing Education Colloquium. †