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Housing Information


Typically, our students make arrangements for housing on their own. On-campus housing is limited, so our students usually live off-campus. We encourage you to check the University of Maryland website, where you will find information about rooms and apartments and other information, such as what you will need when you sign a lease for an apartment. In summer, on-campus housing may be available. You can visit Office of Resident Life's Summer Housing Information page for details. You can find out by contacting the Office of Resident Life. Please plan to arrive in time to find housing and settle in before classes begin.

Accommodations for visiting groups are generally available during the summer (June through August) in apartment suites on or near campus. Numerous dining services are available, both on campus and off campus. Sponsors requesting reservations for groups are encouraged to contact MEI at least six months in advance of projected program dates.


Public transportation to UMCP includes Metrobus, Metrorail and MARC commuter rail. The University of Maryland's free Shuttle Bus service and provides on-campus transportation as well as access to metro rail stations and nearby apartment complexes.

Weather in College Park

College Park, Maryland is located in the middle Atlantic coast of the United States, about 55km west of the Chesapeake Bay. The summer season (late June - August) is generally hot and often very humid. During the summer, rain showers can be frequent and thunderstorms often occur. The warmest weather occurs in late July, when daily high temperatures commonly exceed 30C (86F). The winter season (late November - early March) is generally mild, but it can become very cold, and in some years it can snow a lot. The coldest weather occurs in late January and early February, with an average daily maximum temperature of 7C (45F) and an average daily minimum of -2C (28F). The weather can be quite pleasant and mild in the fall (September - November) and spring (mid-March - May). Students planning to attend the MEI intensive English program should plan to bring clothing that is appropriate for the seasons when they will be studying at MEI. In summer, cool, loose clothing is advisable. In winter, it is usually necessary to use a heavy coat, gloves, and a hat or scarf.