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Semi-Intensive English

Advanced English as a Foreign Language (UMEI 005) is an advanced course for international graduate and undergraduate students who have been conditionally admitted to the University of Maryland. Students who have not met the university language proficiency requirement (requirements for undergraduate and graduate students are available on the Office of International Students webpage) are required to enroll in and successfully complete the course in their first semester on campus. The UMEI005 curriculum is designed to assist students in raising their proficiency levels in listening, speaking, reading, and writing so they can participate effectively in an academic setting. The course meets two hours per day, five days per week in the fall and spring semesters. It is not offered in summer.

In addition to UMEI005, students with F1 visas must enroll in regular credit academic courses. While UMEI005 is a non-credit bearing course, it is the equivalent of 6 credits (36 units). Students must be enrolled in at least 48 units to maintain full-time status according to federal regulations governing F-1 and J-1 students. Graduate students may not be enrolled in more than 52 units. Those who attempt to exceed this limit may encounter a block when they attempt to register. Requests from undergraduate students to enroll in more than two academic courses and for graduates to enroll in more than one graduate level course while taking UMEI005 are generally not approved. (Graduate students, please note that full-time teaching assistantships or research appointments are equivalent to 24 units.) The MEIPE is administered at the end of the course. When the minimum score (230 plus 5 on the composition - see the MEIPE page for more details) is obtained on the MEIPE, the student's provisional admission status is changed to unconditional admission to the University.

Tuition remission can not b`e applied to UMEI courses.

For an explanation of how graduate units are determined, go to