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A Teacher Leader Takes Shape

Last June, Jerick Wilson (M.Ed. ’14) received a prestigious five-year fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation. In this wide-ranging story, Jerick talks about his experiences in the fellowship program and as an early-career physics teacher, touching on the power of collaborative professional development, the recognition of teachers as professionals, and the vast disparities between America’s schools. Drs. Daniel Levin and Ebony Terrell Shockley contribute.

Quantitative Methodologists: Demystifying Who We Are and What We Do

In this charming explanation of the work of faculty in the Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation (EDMS) program, Dr. Jeff Harring tells us why statisticians are the engineers of quantitative education research. “When called upon, we strive to illuminate data analytic activities that are integral to many researchers’ daily routines,” Dr. Harring writes. “But our primary goals are the creation, development, and refinement of methods for answering interesting scientific questions.”

Terrapin Teachers

The Terrapin Teachers program, which trains STEM majors to become highly qualified math and science teachers, was the focus of a February “spotlight on education” on ABC7 News (WJLA) in Washington, D.C. The segment features sophomore physics major William Tanzola and Terrapin Teachers associate director Dr. Anisha Campbell. 30 percent of Terrapin Teachers scholars are expected to enter the teaching profession directly after graduating from UMD.