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LiveText: Digital Notebook for Education Majors

The College of Education is using LiveText, an accreditation management system, which offers teacher candidates their own personal, digital workspace for authoring e-portfolios and other related documents.  LiveText is also used for self-assessments and limited course management. LiveText's convenient Personal File Manager provides students with unlimited storage space and labeling capabilities that make the task of file management much easier. LiveText will enable the college to access teacher candidate data for accreditation needs and to address program improvement issues in a timely manner.

Students will use LiveText to complete their edTPA portfolio and document their performance on the Technical Standards/Foundational Competencies and the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards. LiveText will also be used to complete the Performance Based Assessment. As an added benefit, students will have the option to upgrade their LiveText accounts to Learn 360, a web-based digital video library comprised of thousands of K-12 core-curriculum videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video speeches, still images, and audio files.

CITI Training ( (Click here to complete your CITI training)
(Note: After completing the CITI training, please download the completion certificate into your Livetext account)