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CSTE Events

Graduate Student Colloquium "CSTE Graduate Student Colloquium"
featuring Austin Beck, Emily Hestness, and Katherine Shirey





"Talking About Science Educators: Investigating Role and Responsibility for Climate Change Education"

J. Randy McGinnis



"From Stereotype Threat to Creative Thought: The Multiple Roles of Context in Divergent Thinking, Science Education and Causal judgments"

Kevin N. Dunbar



"Transforming Education: A Knowledge-Based, Innovation-Centered World"

Chris Dede

Download slides here.



CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75 "Capturing Personal and Social Science: Technology for Integrating the Building Blocks of Disposition"
Tamara Clegg




AppleMark "The Learning Sciences: the future and STEM applications"
Janet Kolodner

Watch the video here.




Chocolate Cheer Break




"Reforming K-16 STEM Education: The central role of practices"
Richard Duschl





"Computational Thinking Teacher Workshop"
Elementary school teachers from around Maryland traveled to the University of Maryland to attend a workshop series focused on computational thinking. Teacher received a certificate of completion at the final session.