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College of Education *

CSTE Research Projects

1.Climate Change Education

  • National Science Foundation Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) Program, Phase I (2011) and Phase II (2012-2017) (total UMD subaward, $900,000; Principal Investigator: J. Randy McGinnis) for MADE-CLEAR (Maryland and Delaware Climate Change Education, Assessment and Research. The Project Director is Dr. Don Boesch (USM/UMCES). The grants implementation and research of a comprehensive climate education program in the states of Maryland and Delaware.

2. Educational Technology

  • ARGs: Collaborative Research Advancing Informal STEM Learning Through Scientific Alternate Reality Games (total award $445,231, 2013-2016, principal investigator:Kari Kraus; co-principal investigator: June Ahn).

  • Open Education: Collaborative Research Advancing Informal STEM Learning Through Scientific Alternate Reality Games (total award $178,806, 2012-2015, principal investigator: Brian Butler; co-principal investigator: June Ahn).

  • SAVE Science: Situated Assessment using Virtual Environments for Science Content and Inquiry (total award $$1,563,452, 2011-2015, principal investigator: Diane Jass Ketelhut).
  • ScienceKit for Science Everywhere: A Seamless Scientizing Ecosystem for Raising Scientifically Minded Children (total award $1,350,000, 2014-2018, principal investigator: Tamara Clegg; co-principal investigators: June Ahn, Jason Yip).

  • Sci-Dentity: Developing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Identities through Participation in Science-Infused Media and Virtual Peer Networks (total award $550,000, 2011-2015, principal investigator: June Ahn; co-principal investigators: Mega Subramaniam, Allison Druin).

  • BodyVis: Advancing New Science Learning and Inquiry Experiences via Custom Designed Wearable On-Body Sensing and Visualization (total award $549,990, 2014-2017, principal investigator: Jon Froehlich; co-principal investigator: Tamara Clegg).

3. Physics and Engineering Education

  • An application-based learning approach to introductory C programming language courses (total award $200,000, 2013-2015, Principal Investigator: Wesley Lawson; Co-Principal Investigators: Andrew Elby, Shuvra Shikhar Bhattacharyya, Ayush Gupta).

  • Changing how physics students approach learning with simulations: Research and development of PhET-based tutorials (total award $200,000, 2013-2015, principal investigator: Andrew Elby; Co-Principal Investigator: Ayush Gupta).

  • Forging identity and community in physics: Evaluation and dissemination of Compass (total award $100,000, 2014-2016, principal investigator: Andrew Elby, collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley).

  • Helping Engineering Students Transform Their Understanding of Quantum Phenomenon and Devices (total award $390,000, 2013-2016, Principal Investigator: Ayush Gupta; Co-Principal Investigators: Andrew Elby, collaboration with University of Colorado).

4. Science Teacher Professional Development

  • The University of Maryland Noyce Scholars Program for Science Teachers awarded by the National Science Foundation (total award $1,200,000, 2013-2017, principal investigator: Andrew Elby; co-principal investigators: Daniel Levin, Lawrence Clark, Edward Redish).

5. Socioscientific Issues

  • Modeling the dynamics of integrated technical and moral reasoning in contexts of socio-scientific issues (total award $225,000, 2014-2016, Principal Investigator: Ayush Gupta; Co-Principal Investigators: Andrew Elby, in collaboration with UCLA).