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Arts Integration Program

Preparing students for excellence in and beyond the classroom…
The University of Maryland College of Education's Teaching & Learning, Policy & Leadership (TLPL) department offers a Master's of Education (M.Ed.) degree specializing in the field of Arts Integration through the Teacher Leadership Program.

Teacher Leadership Program
This program supports already certified teachers in further developing their scholarly, artistic and leadership capabilities through course work. It is designed to meet the professional needs of todays P-12 arts and classroom teachers by providing opportunities that promote growth and enhance their skills to meet individualized professional development goals.
Art EducationThe program supports teachers' integration of arts education, pedagogy, research and theory in order to build on their individual strengths and needs in relation to a vision of accomplished practice. In addition, it promotes teachers' abilities: to engage in the careful analysis of and reflection on their own and others' teaching; to engage in inquiry into curriculum, teaching and students' learning for sound decision-making; to enhance understanding of topics and  issues about practices and policies that support effective classroom performance.
The program places great emphasis on individual growth while exploring new approaches to researching, creating, teaching and assessing arts integration content and processes.

Program Flexibility
This M.Ed. program is specifically designed to accommodate the academic teaching schedules of educators by offering flexibility for:

  • Completion in two to five years, depending upon the course load each semester
  • Candidates to conduct independent action research in their own instructional settings/ classrooms
  • Scheduling courses after school hours and in 3 to 6 week summer sessions
  • Programs which are individually designed according to the needs and interests of each student. 

Admission Requirements
Application requirements can be found on the TLPL Admissions Overview webpage. Here you will find the application deadlines, requirements, forms and procedures for applying to TLPL graduate programs as well as information about tuition and finances.
NOTE: Once an applicant has been accepted, an interview will be scheduled with the program coordinator.
Art EducationApplication for Admission to the Programs
After a review by the arts integration program, recommendations for admission must be approved by the Graduate Studies Office of the College of Education, as well as the Graduate School before an individual program will be designed.

Arts Integration Program Contact
Dr. Margaret A. Walker
Coordinator, Arts Integration Program
Teaching & Learning, Policy & Leadership
2311 Benjamin Building
College Park, MD 20742-1175
301.314.9055 (Fax)
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The Arts Integration Graduate Program is dedicated to preparing integration leaders and producing research that enhances professional practice and student learning.