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A team of iSchool students were among 12 teams selected as finalists to compete at the first annual Social Media Expo at iConference 2013, Feb. 12-15. Michael Gubbels (Masters, iSchool), Jason Yip (doctoral, College of Education), and Jinyoung Kim (doctoral, iSchool) won a $3,000 award from conference sponsor Microsoft Research FUSE Lab to travel to Fort Worth, Texas to present their work, titled "Scientific INQuiry (SINQ): Social Media for Everyday Science Learning". Dr. June Ahn, assistant professor, was the faculty advisor for their project. Read More...

Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award Recipients

The Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Maryland honored approximately 100 students at the Distinguished Teaching Assistant Awards Ceremony this spring.  Among the recipients were six Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership students:  (from left to right) Cara Jackson, Toya Denise Jones, Brianne Michele Walsh, Shannon Mary Daniel, Maria Crassas, and Julian Chen.  Congratulations from all of us!    

International Teaching Fellow Mentor Announced

Rashi JainRashi Jain, a doctoral candidate in Second Language Education and Culture, has been selected by the Center for Teaching Excellence, to be an International Teaching Fellow Mentor. Based on her own demonstrated expertise in higher education teaching and cross-cultural competence, she was chosen to work with two international UMD teaching assistants to facilitate their development as future faculty members."

This program, co- sponsored by the Graduate School and the Center for Teaching Excellence, supports the professional development of international graduate teaching assistants.

Each mentor has been paired with two CTE International Teaching Fellows to help facilitate their development as University of Maryland teaching assistants and as future faculty.

PhD Candidate's Research Helps Get Maryland Dream Act Passed

PhD studnet, Eleonor G. Castillo, recently assisted the Maryland State legislature through her fellowship research. Ms Castillo writes..

Does research impact policymaking? Formally serving as the Ph.D. Education Policy Fellow for the Honorable Anne R. Kaiser, Chair of the Education Subcommittee for The Maryland House of Delegates, I can definitively say yes. One historic piece of legislation that I was honored to work on was Maryland's Dream Act. In my fellowship role, I contributed to the policymaking process by informing and impacting the policy debate through my research and analysis of federal, state, and local data, studies, legislation, regulations and court cases regarding immigration and higher education in-state tuition for undocumented students. "For the Maryland version of the Dream Act, I [Delegate Kaiser] debated opponents for hours on the floor of the House of Delegates.  Eleonor provided so much research and had prepared answers for so many of the questions ultimately posed by opponents of the legislation.  Her contributions were immense." As a member of Team Kaiser for two legislative sessions, I engaged in a dynamic fellowship that gave me a unique opportunity in which to integrate and apply my Education Policy Studies coursework learning with my passion for education!