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Education Policy and Leadership

Tomoko Tokunaga wins award from Joint Undergraduate Studies and Asian American Studies Initiative Fund

2011 AERA Student Highlights

Beth Douthirt-Cohen wins Ann G. Wylie fellowship

Nathan Frank published in ACSD's April 2011 edition of Educational Leadership

Jee Shim Deogracias wins GRID award

Cara Jackson, Laura Hyde, and Kathleen Hoyer submit paper to AEFP

New Course Announced:

EDPS 488C/788C- 
Summer 2014
This class will be both online and in-person. Using cultural studies theories, this course examines the possibilities and constraints of education in the United States and abroad. Examining policy, curriculum, and practice from early childhood settings to higher education, we will explore issues of equity and inclusion in education. We will focus on the intersections of identities including socioeconomic class, gender, biological sex, sexuality, race, ethnicity, citizenship, nationality,  religion, ability/disability, and language, and how intersections of identities influence educators and learners as mediators of culture and identity.

Introduction to modes of computer assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQDA). Focuses on design of CAQDA analytic processes appropriate to different approaches to qualitative inquiry. Provides opportunities to design analytic plans and conduct data analysis using one CAQDA program.  Prerequisite:  Course(s) in qualitative research methods, or permission of instructor.  Hybrid Delivery: some sessions will be conducted online.