College of Education *
College of Education *
Senate Overview

The College Senate is the representative body chosen to take action on behalf of the faculty, staff, and student in all matters pertaining to governance within the College in fulfilling its responsibilities. Delegates to the College of Education Senate include: three representative faculty members from each department, elected in staggered terms, as well as two at-large faculty senators, plus the offices of chair and chair-elect; two exempt persons and one non-exempt person elected at large; and one doctoral student, one masterís student, and one undergraduate student elected at large by each respective category of student.

The College of Education Assembly entrusts the College of Education Senate to:

  • Interpret and implement the purposes and functions of the Assembly.
  • Establish standing and ad hoc committees to carry out responsibilities as needed.
  • Receive and act upon reports of committees.
  • Report its actions, policy proposals, and recommendations to the Assembly.
  • Communicate faculty, staff, and student points of view.
  • Approve agenda of the College Assembly.
  • Receive, consider, and refer appeals and grievances.
  • Review and approve departmental plans of organization.
  • Perform other functions as approved by the Assembly.
  • Advise the Dean on membership to committees that he/she establishes.