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As a College of Education in a world-class research university, our faculty are leaders in understanding how individuals learn and develop throughout their lifespan and use this knowledge to improve educational systems and human services. The College’s research agenda is broad and deep, covering a wide spectrum of issues from diversity and globalization to literacy to special education. Our faculty understand that great research has the power to inform policy and improve educational systems in all communities, for citizens of all ages, and are committed to asking relevant questions and developing novel solutions.

The findings of the College’s research are published in the top national and international peer-reviewed journals are translated to be immediately useful for educational reform and transformation. Because of the quality of our work and our strategic location near Washington, D.C., our faculty are called upon regularly to use their research to inform policy making at the U.S. Department of Education, and across educational foundations and federal, state and county agencies. We are distinct for how well we translate what we learn “in the field” back into our theory and research.

External funding agencies understand this strength and are partnering with our faculty to advance the research enterprise. Major funding is secured from a variety of sources including federal, state and county government agencies, other universities, educational organizations and associations, as well as private foundations and corporations.

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