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Brain Imaging The Brain Imaging Center
A collaboration with several units at the University of Maryland, the center for Brain Imaging Research will focus on multiple facets of socio-emotional development by linking psychological processes to neural activity through brain imaging methods. Using techniques such as EEG, ERP and functional neuro-imaging, faculty from the Department of Human development will investigate the physiological manifestations of cognitive, social and emotional processes and are interested in the observation and measurement of attention, memory, as well as emotion expression and social experience. [more]

Digital Learning Assessment in Computer Games
Faculty from the Department of Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation are developing and investigating novel diagnostic measurement approaches for innovative digital learning environment such as serious educational games- and simulation-based environments. Using interdisciplinary teams of researchers, this work integrates the most advanced theories about learning, natural language processing, document analysis, assessment design, and statistical modeling. [more]

Reading Comprehension Investigating Vocabulary
This project is seeking to understand the development of vocabulary breadth and depth (i.e., semantic, syntactic and morphological awareness) as well as reading comprehension among English monolingual children and Spanish-English bilingual children in grades two to five. Faculty from the Departments of Special Education and Statistics, Measurement and Evaluation are also studying the relationship between classroom instruction and children’s growth in these skills over time. [more]

Faculty Exploring Faculty Civic Agency and What Supports it
What factors influence faculty motivation in community engagement? This study seeks to understand the cultural and institutional supports that lead to civic engagement and leadership amongst college faculty members. Faculty and researchers from the Department of Higher Education have been conducting numerous qualitative interviews to elucidate how academic cultures support and thwart the careers and work of community engaged faculty. [more]