Summer Camps


Mathletics is a summer math camp for students currently in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, who are mathematically inquisitive and academically motivated students. Energetic certified teachers will teach challenging mathematical and basic statistics concepts through individual, group, and hands-on activities. University of Maryland undergraduates majoring in STEM fields will support teachers during classroom activities and projects. Mathletics aims to develop students' mathematical comprehension and build on their critical thinking skills through group problem solving activities and engagement in physical activities based on mathematical concepts. Additionally, teachers and undergraduates will introduce students to math-related careers.

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop or iPad for activities. Students are also required to bring non-refrigerated lunch daily. Lunch will be provided on Fridays.

Camp fee is $475 for each camp participant. For students eligible for free and reduced lunch, a reduced fee of $225 is available. Please indicate your free and reduced lunch eligibility on the registration form (verification from the participant’s school will be required for submission after registration).

Payment is due at the time of registration. A $175 non-refundable application fee is included in the camp fee. If you cancel your child's registration prior to June 20, 2017 camp fees paid except for the $175 application fee will refunded. There will be no refunds of any camp fees paid after June 20, 2017.

Registration: CLICK HERE

Credit cards, personal checks, and money orders are accepted as payment. A completed registration form, along with the full payment will guarantee a place in the program for your child. The receipt of an application without payment for camp or with only partial payment will not guarantee a space in Mathletics.


Aside from one or two field trips, all activities will be held on the University of Maryland campus. Transportation to the field trips is included in the fee.

Maximum number of camp attendees: 40