Latino Parent Empowerment Program

Research suggests that Latino parents face many barriers that hinder their involvement in school. A few of these challenges include: the inability to understand and communicate with school personnel, difference in cultural norms, the inability to navigate the school system, and the level of education of the parents. Research suggests that parent involvement leads to improved student outcomes as measured by student achievement, attendance rate, and dropout rates.

The Latino Parent Empowerment Program (LPEP) aims to increase Latino parent involvement in their child's school and improve teacher/parent communication. By increasing parent involvement, parent communication with teachers, and the quality of parent involvement with homework, the expectation is that student achievement will increase. The program would provide workshops for Latino parents, offer free ESL classes for parents, and provide other services to parents (e.g., in-school translation services). A Latino parent liaison would work in collaboration with MIMAUE to increase communication between the home/school and to develop a parent volunteering network. Teachers in the participating school would receive professional development workshops to learn more about Latino culture to create greater understanding between teachers and their Latino students.

The LPEP was implemented by MIMAUE at Sligo Middle School in Silver Spring in Montgomery County during the 2007-2008 school year. MIMAUE is looking for partners to expand this program. If you are interested in helping to fund this program or partnering to introduce this program at your school, please contact us for more information.