Welcome to the Motivation in Education Research Group (MERG)!

We are led by Dr. Allan Wigfield and located within the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology at the University of Maryland, College Park. Click here to read an interview with Dr. Wigfield about his work.

Our research focuses on achievement motivation of students at all ages. Broadly, we ask the following questions:

  • What motivates students to achieve in school?

  • How do students’ beliefs and values relate to their motivation and achievement?

  • How do social influences (e.g., parents, teachers) promote or hinder students’ motivation and achievement?

  • What practices can teachers use to increase students’ motivation in schoosl contexts?

Click here for information about our collaboration with the University of Tübingen.

Allan Wigfield and Ji Seung Yang recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation to study middle and high school students' grit in their math and science classes. Click here for more information.

Associated programs and organizations


Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction


Gender and Achievement Research Program at the University of Michigan

Motivation SIG

Motivation in Education Special Interest Group (SIG) in the American Educational Research Association