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Welcome from the Chair

In the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology (HDQM), faculty conduct research and mentor students on a wide range of research topics and across multiple levels, from the neuron to the society, as well as quantitative methodologies critical to measurement, statistics, and evaluation in the educational, social, and behavioral sciences. Graduate students are trained in developmental psychology, educational psychology, and or educational measurement and statistics. Indeed few departments in the United States can offer the breadth of training necessary for students to acquire knowledge about the interactive processes involved in social and cognitive development or measurement and statistics.

Our faculty members are involved in neuroimaging, behavioral and electrophysiological research, and work with state and local organizations on test development and measurement. There are also active research laboratories in the department that mentor graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  We are also the home for the preschool on the University of Maryland campus, the Center for Young Children.

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