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Graduate Student Organization


2015-2016 Calendar Year

Dear College of Education graduate students,

Welcome to the 2015-2016 calendar year.  Congratulations to new students on the start of your programs here at the University of Maryland!  Congratulations to returning students on your continued studies and research! 

The executive board of the Graduate Student Organization this year include myself, Alice Cook, as President; Nana Brantuo as Vice-President; Jennifer Lee as Secretary-Treasurer; and Judy Foster as GSO faculty advisor.  We are honored to be serving in these positions and are looking forward to many informative, thought provoking, and community-building events this year. 

The GSO has three main foci this year: 1) Build community amongst graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and alumni; 2) Connect our work in education with issues of social justice; 3) Use our organization to bring a critical and self-reflective perspective to our work in education.

Hopefully you were able to attend our first event, the Graduate Student Welcome Fair, which featured organizations from around the campus, and introductory remarks by Dean Wiseman, the chairs of each department, and the education research librarian at McKeldin Library.  Additionally, each department shared their research, which generated conversations amongst both faculty and graduate students.

This year we are looking forward to hosting a number of events, including documentary film screenings throughout the year, two community-building events entitled, Ask a Graduate Student and Ask an Alumni, and lastly the annual Student Research Symposium.  Look out for other exciting events as well!

Again, congratulations on the start of the school year, and we are looking forward to engaging with you throughout the fall and spring semester.


Alice Cook          Nana Brantuo          Jennifer Lee                         Judy Foster
President            Vice-President         Secretary-Treasurer           GSO faculty advisor