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Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award 2005

Dear Colleagues:

The EDPL GSA invites nominations from all graduate students for the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award 2005.

This is the time to show our appreciation for faculty that have nurtured and supported our scholarship and all round development. Nominate the person who has made and is making your graduate experience memorable and productive! And do it soon!

Please get your nominations in before or by the end of the day - April 20, 2005 . The letters will be read and judged as always by a panel constituted by program representatives from each of our graduate programs. (Program representatives may not submit nominations.)


We will hold the Awards ceremony and celebration in the first week of May, 2005.




A strong nomination letter will, at the very least, include information on all of the following criteria. Examples are provided but feel free to include any information that you think is relevant. The criteria are:

  • Communication (consistent and clear, stays "in touch" with you, listening, understanding)
  • Mentorship (shows interest and support for your professional and personal well being, feedback and direction on your writing)
  • Involvement in EDPL student affairs (e.g. GSA activities)
  • Knowledge of program and professional development opportunities (e.g career development resources)

Format for Nomination Letter:

Submit a double-spaced, typed, 1-2 page discussion of why your nominee should be selected. Be certain to include :

  • Your name and program;
  • Your phone and email;
  • The complete name and phone for nominated faculty;
  • How long you have known the nominee.

You may submit your letter of nomination via e-mail to:

Nisha Thapliyal
2110A Benjamin Building
College Park , MD 20742


For information about the Faculty Mentor Award Ceremony,
see the GSA Activities page

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to

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Last modified Friday, September 15, 2006