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Knowledge Representation in Assessment

Symposium presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, April 15, 2005, Montreal, Canada.


External Knowledge Representations (KRs) play a significant role in curriculum development and design of educational assessment systems. This symposium elucidates the connections among KRs and assessment design and construction. An overview of KRs is presented and their properties and roles in assessment are defined. Task models as KRs will be discussed in the context of Evidence Centered Design (ECD). A high-fidelity summative assessment simulation for computer networking is presented in an ECD framework to illustrate the link between assessment and KRs. Finally, a case study that uses KRs to bridge the divide between curriculum mapping and psychometric modeling is presented.

On the Roles of Knowledge Representations in Assessment [overheads]
Robert Mislevy, Roy Levy, University of Maryland

Explorations in Domain Analysis and Task Model Specification Sensitive to Underlying Knowledge Representations [overheads]
Sarah F. Demark, Patti West, John T. Behrens, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Knowledge Representations Driving the Design of Computerized Performance Assessments in a Complex Simulated Environment [overheads] [paper]
Dennis Charles Frezzo, Cisco Systems, Inc.; Ken Stanley, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Knowledge Representations in Curricular and Psychometric Design [overheads] [paper]
Roy Levy, University of Maryland; Dennis Charles Frezzo, Cisco Systems, Inc.;Marc Howard Kroopnick, University of Maryland

Discussion [overheads]
Daniel H. Robinson, University of Texas, Austin