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Professor Emeritus

Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation

University of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742

* bio
Short bio
* vitae
Curriculum vitae [pdf format] (last updated August, 2011)

* papers (last updated September 15, 2009)
Miscellaneous Mislevy papers. Several other of my papers are available as research reports from ETS, CRESST, and/or PADI.
* presentations (last updated October 15, 2010)
Miscellaneous Mislevy presentations

*PADI Principled Assessment Design for Inquiry in science.

NSF-supported research in assessment design, with applications focused on science inquiry.Joint project among SRI International, University of Maryland, University of Michigan (the BioKIDS project), and University of California Berkeley (BEAR assessment group and Lawrence Hall of Science). Co-PIs: Geneva Haertal, SRI, and Robert Mislevy, U Maryland.

There were two PADI symposia at the 2005 meeting of the AERA. Overheads and papers are available here.

PADI symposium at AERA 2006 is summarized here.

Follow-on projects:

* Collaborative research with Cisco.
NetPass. Principled assessment design for proficiency in computer networks. Collaboration among Cisco Learning Institute, Educational Testing Service, and the University of Maryland on applying the principles of evidence-centered assessment design to proficiencies in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting computer networks. Co-PIs: John Behrens, Cisco Systems, Inc., Robert Mislevy, University of Maryland, and David Williamson and Malcolm Bauer, Educational Testing Service.

AERA 2005. Abstract, overheads, and papers from the session Knowledge Representation in Assessment.

AERA 2009. Video of presentations from the session An Integrated Research Program for E-Learning and Assessment in a Complex Domain.

Papers and presentations

* Drawings
The worse the meeting, the better the drawings.
* New Drawings (last updated August 1, 2011)
* New Drawings (last updated August 1, 2012)