EDMS Psychometric Computation and Simulation Lab

Maryland Assessment Research Center for Education Success (MARCES)

Center for Integrated Latent Variable Research (CILVR)








The EDMS Psychometric Computation and Simulation (PCS) lab, housed in suite 0108N of the education wing in Cole Field House, provides EDMS students with state-of-the-art computer and software resources to conduct advanced cutting-edge simulation and computational research, and provides students and faculty a facility to conduct highly specialized training sessions for students and researchers from across our campus and from other institutions who are seeking high level methodological training.

The Maryland Assessment Research Center for Education Success (MARCES) provides support to the range of assessment activities in the State, the region and nation by conducting basic and applied research to enhance the quality of assessment practice and knowledge. MARCES is a project of the Department of Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation in the College of Education at the University of Maryland.

To accomplish its purposes, MARCES houses expertise in assessment design, development, implementation, analysis, reporting and policy issues as well as the technical aspects of the quantitative theories that form the foundations of measurement. The nationally recognized EDMS Department, College of Education, and College Park Campus of the University of Maryland (UMCP) augment the capabilities of the MARCES staff.

CILVR is a center whose goal is to serve as a national and international focal point for innovative collaboration, state-of-the-art training, and scholarly dissemination as they relate to the full spectrum of latent variable statistical methods.

CILVR is housed within the Department of Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation (EDMS) at the University of Maryland. EDMS is unusual not just in its status as a separate academic department, but also in its composition of faculty expertise. Specifically, EDMS faculty are recognized scholars in various facets of latent variable statistical models, whether it be item response theory, latent class analysis, cognitive diagnosis, or structural equation modeling. EDMS is also unique in its geographic location, situated along the East Coast of the United States near the nation's capital, centrally located for scholars from the US and Europe, and a short distance from some of the world's top latent variable scholars working in academia, government, and applied research settings. Thus, EDMS is well positioned in its composition and its location to serve as a focal point for integrated latent variable research.


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