• Introduction.

  • Links to Other Latent Class Resources.

  • Programs for Extreme-Types Models and Linear Hierarchies.

  • Latent Class Analysis for Dichotomous Data from Excel Spreadsheet - Gauss program.

  • Latent Class Scaling Analysis - Gauss Simulation Program.

  • MLLSA Program Decription .

  • Latent Class Scaling Analysis - MLLSA Examples.

  • Computing the Rudas, Clogg & Lindsay Measure of Fit, Pi-Star, using Excel Solver.

  • Handouts from 2002 Psychometric Society Presentation (pdf file)

  • Handouts from 2002 ASA Presentation (PowerPoint Presentation)

  • Fitting a Covariate Latent Class Model using Excel Solver.

  • Covariate Latent Class Model Plots.

  • Music Excel Data File

  • Intro to LCA for EDMS738

  • EDMS723 Lecture 4

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