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Maryland Science and Mathematics Resident Teacher (MSMaRT) Program

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MSMaRT program?
The MSMaRT program is an “early-entry” resident teacher (i.e., alternative certification) partnership program housed in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP). The program serves high-needs middle schools in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), Maryland, a high-needs district in suburban Washington, D.C. MSMaRT recruits career changers and recent college graduates who are committed to and have the potential to effectively teach middle grades mathematics and/or science to a diverse student body in high needs middle schools.

Why choose the MSMaRT program?
o Eleven week summer pre-employment training
o Stipend at the successful completion of summer training
o Collaboration with peers while learning to teach
o Mentoring from experienced classroom teachers
o Ongoing coursework taught by UMD faculty and PGCPS teachers
o Tuition subsidies
o On the job learning and half-time teacher salary

What are Prince George’s County Public Schools like?
With over 200 schools and centers, approximately 133,000 students, and 10,000 teachers Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is among the 20 largest school districts in the U.S. PGCPS is an ethnically diverse district – 74% of its students are African American and 17% are of Hispanic descent. PGCPS also is a high needs district with 66,000 (48%) of its students receiving free and reduced lunch (PGCPS Annual Report, 2008).

What are the benefits of being a Prince George’s County Public Schools teacher?
• Competitive Salaries and Excellent Benefits
• Professional Educator Induction Program
• Personal Computer
• Mentoring Program and Staff Development Opportunities
• Loan Forgiveness Program
• Tuition Reimbursement
• Teacher Leadership Opportunities
• Administrator Preparation Program
• Defined Pension Plans
• Free & Tuition Support for Master's Degree Programs



Who is the program looking for?
MSMaRT is looking for outstanding candidates from all backgrounds with an interest in mathematics or science education that want to make a positive difference in the lives of children. College seniors, recent college graduates and career changers are all welcome to apply. All applicants should have a desire to teach middle school mathematics or science in PGCPS middle school classrooms.
What qualifications should an applicant possess?
Applicants must possess:
- a bachelor’s degree (not in education)
- minimum GPA of 2.75 (preferably 3.0)
- Specific credits
• 12 hours of easily identifiable math hours, with no more than three to be drawn from related subjects, for a total of 15
• 12 hours of easily identifiable science hours, with no more than three to be drawn from related subjects, for a total of 15
• 9 hours of easily identifiable English hours, with no more than six to be drawn from related subjects, for a total of 15
• 9 hours of easily identifiable Social Studies hours, with no more than six to be drawn from related subjects, for a total of 15

What are the required entrance tests?
Candidates must have passing scores on Praxis I (click here for specific information). In place of Praxis I, Maryland will also accept the following options from candidates:
• SAT taken after 2005, combined math and critical reading scores of 1100;
• SAT taken between 4/95 and 2005, math and verbal composite score of 1100;
• SAT taken prior to 4/95, math and verbal score of 1000;
• ACT composite score of 24;
• GRE math and verbal composite score of 1000.
Candidates must also pass the two Praxis II content tests (two areas for middle school) for which they’re seeking certification. One of the content tests must be in mathematics or science.

and Praxis II (two content areas for middle school). One of the content area tests must be in mathematics or science for MSMaRT applicants. Click here for more testing information.


How do I apply?
Please fill out the information more (click here) and program staff will get back to you about how to apply.

What are the benefits of applying early?
As there are a finite number of spots for MSMaRT candidates to receive tuition subsidies and other benefits, applying early provides applicants with a greater chance of being a member of the final cohort.
Who will be interviewing me?
A minimum of two people will interview each applicant including at least one UMCP and PGCPS faculty and staff member.


What is the PRAXIS?
The Praxis is a test that measures basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. The Praxis II focuses on content knowledge for particular subject areas. Both tests must be passed for acceptance into the program and certification in the state of Maryland.
Will I receive a master’s degree?
Candidates in the MSMaRT program pursue a middle school teaching certificate while receiving post-baccalaureate credits that may later be applied to a UMCP master’s degree. However, applicants in the MSMaRT program will not receive a master’s degree at the end of the program.
When will I be certified to teach?
MSMaRT candidates will be receive their first professional certificate within 14 months, but will be immediately high-qualified and certified to teach under the Resident Teacher Certificate (RTC) during the Residency Phase of the program. Candidates will begin working as half-time teachers of record in their own PGCPS middle school classroom during the Residency Phase. In order to obtain Maryland’s Standard Professional Certification (SPC), candidates must satisfactorily complete the year-long residency and receive a satisfactory evaluation from the school principal.


What will I teach?
Applicants in the MSMaRT program will teach either middle school mathematics or science.

Where will I teach?
Applicants will teach in one of PGCPS identified high needs middle school classrooms.

What are the teaching salaries?

Applicants in the first year of the program will be paid half-time salaries and in the second year will receive full time salaries according to the variations in the PGCPS teacher salary scale. For the current year’s PGCPS teacher salaries please click here