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The Year 1982


George Marx - College of Education
George Marx


> George Marx becomes Dean of the College.

> The Department of Early Childhood-Elementary Education merges with the Department of Secondary Education to form the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

> The Industrial Education Department becomes the Department of Industrial and Technological Occupations.

> The Center for Human Resource Development is founded in the Counseling and Personnel Service Department, to enhance the department's research service in rehabilitation counseling.

> The Institute for the Study of Exceptional Children and Youth receives a federal grant to support the Knowledge Base Project for the Improvement of Personnel Preparation in Special Education. The Maryland State Department of Education request that the Institute survey teacher training needs in the state.

> The Human Development Department/Institute for Child Study institutes a new doctoral program in human development at College Park and in Salisbury, Maryland.

> John Carr, Department of Curriculum and Instruction; Carol Seefeldt, Human Development Department; and Emmett Wright of the Agricultural and Extension service are recipients of the university's Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award.


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