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The 1980s


Teacher Effectiveness Network Project - Courtesy of Pat Costantino
Teacher Effectiveness Network Project

1980   <<more details>>

George Marx is named Acting Dean of the College.

1981   <<more details>>

The College re-organizes and restructures. The Department of Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum becomes the Department of Education Policy, Planning, and Administration after its merger with Social Foundations. The Department of Measurement and Statistics is renamed the Department of Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation. The Institute for Exceptional Individuals (later renamed the Institute for the Study of Exceptional Children and Youth) is established within the Department of Special Education.

1982   <<more details>>

George Marx becomes Dean of the College. The Department of Early Childhood-Elementary Education merges with the Department of Secondary Education to form the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. The Industrial Education Department becomes the Department of Industrial and Technological Occupations. The Center for Human Resource Development is founded in the Counseling and Personnel Service department, to enhance the department's research service in rehabilitation counseling.

1983   <<more details>>

The Arithmetic Center becomes the Center for Mathematics Education. Project Assist, a program in early childhood education, begins in the Prince George's County Public Schools.

1984   <<more details>>

A faculty committee issues a report developing common goals for teacher education. Nathan Fox, Human Development, establishes the Child Development Laboratory within the college. The College holds its first Multicultural/Mainstreaming all-day conference in an effort to educate student teachers on these issues.

1985   <<more details>>

Dale Scannell becomes Dean of the College. Trudy Hamby, Human Development, develops the highly-successful Project MIND (Model for Integrated Neuronal Development) for inner-city children in Baltimore.

1986   <<more details>>

The College faculty votes to join the Holmes Group Initiative, a nationwide movement in universities to reform teacher education. The College Chapter of the Alumni Association is formed. The Center for Curriculum Development and Change, directed by Louise Berman, is founded within in the Department of Education Policy, Planning, and Administration.

1987   <<more details>>

The Association of Teacher Educators recognizes the College's TEN (Teachers Effectiveness Network) project as a Distinguished Program in Teacher Education award.

1988   <<more details>>

On September 12, a new Center for Young Children opens in the Cambridge Dining Hall courtyard. The College issues in February a report titled "A Proposal for Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers," as a Holmes Initiative model for teacher preparation.

1989   <<more details>>

The Mid-Atlantic Region Japan-in-the Schools (MARJiS) Resource Center is relocated to the College of Education.


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