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The 1970s


Footsteps Video Series - Courtesy of Charles Flatter
Footsteps Video Series

1970   <<more details>>

Dean Vernon Anderson retires after 15 years of service. Robert Carbone succeeds him as Dean of the College. The Arithmetic Center is founded within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. (This would later become the Center for Mathematics Education). The Fourth Floor (Attic) of the Benjamin Building is completed. Daniel Prescott, founder of the Institute for Child Study, passes away on May 7.

1971   <<more details>>

An undergraduate degree in Education for Industry is proposed within the Department of Industrial Education with an option in Rehabilitation Services.

1972   <<more details>>

The name of the University Nursery-Kindergarten is changed to its current name, the Center for Young Children. The College inaugurates its annual Vernon Anderson Lecture in honor of its former dean.

1973   <<more details>>

Donald Maley is Acting Dean of the College.

1974   <<more details>>

Robert Emans is appointed Dean of the College.

1975   <<more details>>

After some deliberation, the College keeps the Center for Young Children open.

1976   <<more details>>

Dean Robert Emans resigns. H. Gerthon Morgan becomes Acting Dean.

1977   <<more details>>

Dean Corrigan becomes the Dean of the College of Education. CERD (Center for Educational Research and Development) is established by the Board of Regents in an effort to facilitate study of issues in education. Curriculum Laboratory director M. Lucia James passes away at age 53.

1978   <<more details>>

The College receives two three-year federal grants, known as the Dean's Mainstreaming Grant (covering the period from 1978 to 1984) designed to provide training to personnel serving handicapped individuals.

1979   <<more details>>

The Center for the Study of Education Policy and Human Values (known as the International Center for Transcultural Education) is founded and directed by Barbara Finkelstein. Human Development associate professor Charles Flatter oversees the development of an award-winning television program, Footsteps.


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