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The 1950s


Workshop in Mathematics - University Libraries
Workshop in Mathematics

1950   <<more details>>

Courses are offered in the area of Student Personnel Administration.

1951   <<more details>>

Rose Shockley Wiseman becomes the first African-American graduate of the College of Education. Harold R.W. Benjamin resigns as Dean of the College of Education and Henry Brechbill serves as Acting Dean until a new dean is chosen.

1952   <<more details>>

The College appoints Wilbur Devilbliss as Dean.

1953   <<more details>>

In response to a shortage of elementary teachers in Maryland schools, the College establishes an Elementary Education curriculum. The Department of Industrial Education moves from Shriver Laboratory and the former engineering building, H.J. Patterson Hall, to a new building, J.M. Patterson.

1954   <<more details>>

As a result of the landmark civil rights case, Brown vs. Board of Education, the university administrators admit African-American students to all schools and colleges.

1955   <<more details>>

Vernon Anderson becomes Dean of the College in September.

1956   <<more details>>

Edna McNaughton, a pioneer in Early Childhood Education, resigns from the College. The College participates in the University's Centennial Exhibition in the Student Activities Building (Cole Field House).

1957   <<more details>>

A new program in Special Education is established, headed by a Coordinator of Special Education Programs. The College embarks on several initiatives in mathematics and science education. James Hymes, a specialist in early childhood education, joins the faculty. UMMap (University of Maryland Mathematics Project) is established. R. Lee Hornbake becomes Associate Dean of Faculty for the University.

1958   <<more details>>

Dean Anderson appoints chairs in the areas of Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and the Graduate Program. The College faculty deliberates asking the University for a new building to replace the College's existing accommodations in the Skinner Building.

1959   <<more details>>

Joseph Alexander Wiseman, the husband of Rose Shockley Wiseman, becomes the first African-American to receive a doctoral degree at College Park. Vernon Anderson appoints chairs for Elementary and Secondary Education and to head the graduate program. Edna McNaughton, founder of the University Nursery/Kindergarten, dies. The College receives funding from the National Defense of Education Act, which was passed by Congress to strengthen math and science education.


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