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The 1930s


The Nursery School in 1937 - 1937 Terrapin Yearbook/University Libraries
The Nursery School in 1937

1932   <<more details>>

The Home Economics program moves from Gerneaux Hall to McDonnell Hall.

1933   <<more details>>

The College offers a curriculum in Commercial Education.

1934   <<more details>>

Edna McNaughton becomes Head of the Nursery School. The Nursery School is first housed in the Home Economics Practice House [later moved to the ground floor of the Home Economics Building (McDonnell Hall)], and receives federal funding from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.

1935   <<more details>>

The first graduate work in Industrial Education is offered at the Baltimore Division of the College of Education. In 1936, the Division is housed in Suite 815 in the Fidelity Building at 210 North Charles St.

1936   <<more details>>

The College offers a degree in Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education to those students who had two years of normal school and needed a third year for State accreditation.

1937   <<more details>>

Edna McNaughton's Nursery School on campus receives funding from the Works Progress Administration, but the school is later discontinued.

1938   <<more details>>

President Harry Byrd announces a plan to offer a complete Industrial Education curriculum on the College Park campus. The College of Education's Baltimore Division moves from the Fidelity Building to a new location in the Administration Building (now known as East Hall) at 520 West Lombard St.

1939   <<more details>>

Harold R.W.Benjamin, formerly of the University of Colorado at Boulder, becomes the third Dean of the College on Sept. 1.


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