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The 1920s


Four Faculty Members (1921) - 1921 Terra Mariae Yearbook/University Libraries
Four Faculty Members (1921)

1920   <<more details>>

The School of Education becomes the College of Education.

1921   <<more details>>

The Department of Home Economics Education is formed as a joint department between the schools of Education and Home Economics, with four faculty members. A Practice House is constructed as a laboratory for students in this discipline.

1923   <<more details>>

Willard Small becomes Dean of the College and director of the University of Maryland's Summer Session.

1924   <<more details>>

The College offers master's degree programs in General and Agricultural Education.

1927   <<more details>>

The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Foundation awards a fellowship in Child Development and Parent Education to faculty member, Edna McNaughton.

1929   <<more details>>

The College of Education offers courses in Child Development (the latter are held at the Washington Child Research Center).


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