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Landmarks and Legacies

Welcome to the College of Educationís Landmarks and Legacies website: a comprehensive, web-based timeline of College of Education events, featuring archival photos, historic firsts, research contributions, audio clips of oral history interviews, and significant milestones celebrating the college's role within the 150-year history of the University of Maryland.

Landmarks and Legacies was one of the College of Educationís contributions to the University of Maryland's 150th year anniversary celebrations. Conceived of two years ago in an effort to collect and preserve the significant contributions of individuals associated with the college, Landmarks and Legacies is a project commemorating the history of the College of Education's long-lasting tradition of excellence, from 1920 to the present.

The college's history and development were closely linked to historical events in the nation's history as well as national trends in education, including the Great Depression, World War II, and desegregation among others. The college started out essentially as a teacher training program to train rural teachers in a predominantly agricultural state. Over the decades, the college transformed from its primary focus on teacher training in the State, to a research-oriented institution known nationally and internationally. Initially, the college had very few defined departments and many loosely-joined areas of study. Efforts under Dean Anderson in the 1960s to reorganize and direct the college led to the creation in the 1970s of the six modern departments in existence today.

The Landmarks and Legacies timeline is organized by decade. Just click on the photo above the timeline year to view detailed accounts of that period, including interviews with retirees and former College of Education deans, photos from the University of Maryland archives depicting the Institute for Child Study, teacher preparation and student activities, along with significant events in the college's history that were shaped by larger national historical events and contributed to the growth and expansion of programs. The creators of this project are deeply indebted to the dozens of people who contributed documents and materials, participated in interviews, and shared memorabilia to enhance the understanding of the College of Education and its remarkable history.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to reflect on the Landmarks and Legacies of our past and we invite you to join with us in building on the great expectations for our future.

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