Parent Teacher Partnership & Event s Calendar

Holding a PTP position is a rewarding experience and fulfills the entire mandatory service point requirement for all parents. Please consider volunteering for one of these important positions.

Room Representatives
Red Nora At Khen
Orange Kimberley Trainor
Yellow Brooke Fisher Liu
Green Trisha Lay
Blue Erin McGrath
Purple Kristy Leyton

PTP Minutes:

February 15, 2017 PDF

December 14, 2016 PDF

October 5, 2016 PDF

April 8, 2016 PDF

Co-President Michelle Nelson
Vice-President Open
Treasurer Amanda Pike-McCrudden
Secretary Teddy Wu

Committee Chairs
Fall International Picnic Lakeisha Swan
"Families Read" Priya Varadan
Fall Book Fair Liz Odongo
Fall Teacher Luncheon Reza Farnum
Family Nights Out Tracy Sweet
Silent Auction Claire Worshtil
SpringTeacher Luncheon Open
Green School Sally DeLeon
Little Free Library Steward Lisa Tanneyhill

PTP Events Calendar

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Fund Raisers

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Giant's BonusBucks Program - Sign up here!