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Dr. Jean R. Hebeler Fund


The Special Education Endowed Fund in Honor of Dr. Jean R. Hebeler has been established to support selected graduate and undergraduate students in pursuit of their programs in Special Education at the University of Maryland.

The Fund makes annual awards to provide financial support to students based on the recommendations of the Endowment Review Committee. To date 46 students have received financial assistance through the fund. Applications for the 2016-2017 scholarship award is now available. The deadline to submit the application form and materials is April 11, 2016. Please complete and submit applications electronically to:

The Special Education Endowed Fund honors and celebrates the career and leadership of Hebeler, whose professional career over 40 years has emphasized teaching, service, and inquiry. A department of special education did not exist when she came to the University of Maryland in the early 1960s. Hebeler helped establish the department and worked with her colleagues to pioneer new concepts and approaches to teaching special needs students. She initiated collaboration with school systems, state departments of education, and national organizations, to further the educational rights of students with special needs. She was active in many programs of the Council for Exceptional Children and served as its president 1971-1972. Within the university community, her contributions extended to other departments and colleges through her service as a member of the University Senate and acting dean of the College of Education from 1992-1994.

Members of the Special Education Endowment Committee worked as volunteers to establish the endowment and continue to raise funds for its support in order to provide more financial assistance for greater numbers of deserving students.

For more information on how to support the Special Education Endowed Fund in Honor of Dr. Jean R. Hebeler, contact Judy Foster, or 301-405-2359 or Dr. Jean Hebeler at or at 301.405.6480 or you may mail contributions to:

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