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GSA Executive Board


Please welcome your new Executive Board members for the academic year:

Michal Boyars - President
Emily Williams - Vice President
Nicole Gosnell - COPE Student Representative
Julia Barlis - COPE Student Representative
Lynn Lai - HESI Student Representative

Stay tuned for updates on what we're planning for this upcoming year, and feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or ideas you have for student involvement activities and issues.

Also, we are still looking for COSP or SpED students to fill program representative positions - we would love to have you on the team! Send us an email at and we can give you more details.

The CHSE GSA Board

Executive Board Positions and Descriptions


    • Preside at Executive and General meetings of the CHSE GSA;
    • Set agendas for the Executive meetings of the CHSE GSA;
    • Serve as the spokesperson for the CHSE GSA;
    • Carry out the wishes of the CHSE GSA;
    • Report on relevant issues;

Vice President

    • Preside at all meetings and functions, in the absence of the President;
    • Assist the President with all necessary tasks;
    • Carry out the wishes of the CHSE GSA;
    • Oversee the annual election with support from the faculty/staff advisor;
    • Serve as the spokesperson for the CHSE GSA, in the absence of the President;


    • Handle all accounts;
    • Be accountable for the budget and expenses of the CHSE GSA;
    • Upon request, provide reports of the financial status of the CHSE GSA;
    • Recognize new Members;
    • Oversee rule observances and protocol at stated meetings;
    • Maintain all CHSE GSA records;
    • Take notes and prepare all minutes;

Representatives (CoPE, SpEd, and HESI)

    • Attend CHSE GSA Executive and general meetings;
    • Attend CHSE department meetings and represent graduate student interests with full voting privileges at the CHSE department;
    • Participate in the various activities and planning undertaken by the CHSE GSA;
    • Represent their program and communicate information back, as needed;
    • Encourage graduate students from their program to participate in social, professional, and educational activities in the department, College and university