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School Diversity Inventory (SDI)


Diversity Inventory (SDI) provides a “diversity checkup” for school. It provides a summary of what the students and educators in a school say about its readiness to serve all kinds of students. Monitor diversity practices, policies, interpersonal climate, and arrangement in schools in schools using this research-based assessment tool.

Assess and improve school climate for diversity

Diversity Policies & Practices Openness

Inclusion Diversity Role Models

School Accessibility Ethnic Group Relations

Male-Female Interaction Social Group Interaction

Educational Equity Respectful Climate

Perceived Educational Access Perceived Fairness

Pro-Diversity Attitudes And More…

Why assess school climate for diversity?
Educators are asking how to effectively serve the more and more diverse population in schools.  Favorable school climate for diversity (e.g. equality and diversity policy, respectful intergroup interaction) sets the stage in which effective instruction and student learning can occur.

Why use the SDI
A valid, easy to use, and comprehensive inventory based on surveys of teachers and students provides a more complete picture of schools than is available from other sources.Inexpensive scoring and interpretive reports.

Can we compare schools in a district?
Use the district-wide summary reports to compare schools within your district by displaying results for individual schools and providing a district summary.

Can results be disaggregated?
For subgroups of 7 or more individuals, domain scores are reported separately by sex, ethnicity, grade level (students) or role (faculty/staff). Technical information, including standard errors used by evaluation specialists and confidence intervals for means is also provided.

For what grade levels is the SDI used?
Use the student SDI in schools with grades 6 through 12 – use in any middle, junior, or senior high school. The faculty/staff SDI can be used in elementary schools as well.

Is the SDI culture-fair?
The SDI was developed and tested in urban, suburban, and rural schools serving White, African American, Asian, and Latino students.  Results are useful for all schools.

Take Leadership in Developing School Climate for Diversity
Start planning to assess your schools today.  For more details, visit our website and download the SDI Preliminary Technical Manual for free.