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Financial Aid


The university and our department recognize the high cost of graduate education today and try to offer financial assistance to qualified students through a variety of programs. We hope that this page will provide you with useful information concerning obtaining financial assistance for graduate study in Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education.

International students are eligible for financial aid. Your application form will include a question on whether you wish to be indicated for financial aid. You are also advised to look for graduate assistantships elsewhere on campus.

Financial assistance for graduate study is generally divided into two categories:

  • Merit-Based Assistance
    • Fellowships and Scholarships
    • Graduate Assistantships
  • Need-Based Assistance
    • Loans and Work Study

For general financial assistance information, also see the on-line Graduate Catalog.

Merit-Based Assistance

Each of the awards described in this section are based on a student's academic performance and potential. For all departmental awards, consideration is given to a student's past academic performance, work experience, recommendations, and GRE/MAT achievement.

Fellowships and Scholarships

The Department is able to award a very limited number of Graduate School fellowships each year. These fellowships are awarded only to full-time students and provide tuition support and additional living stipends. All doctoral applications will be considered and no additional forms need to be submitted.

There are also a number of Fellowships and Scholarships offered through the College of Education, the University, and through external sources which may provide tuition support and/or living allowance. Students must apply for these awards on their own, but the links that follow provide valuable information on searching for fellowships and scholarships.

For more information concerning fellowships and scholarships, please visit:
Dr. Jean R. Hebeler Endowment Fund
The College of Education's Scholarship webpage,
The University's Scholarships webpage, and
The Graduate Fellowship Office webpage

Graduate Assistantships

The Department offers a limited number of Graduate Assistantships each year. Graduate assistantships provide full or partial tuition support and stipends with the requirement that students work for the department either 10 hours a week (for partial assistantships) or 20 hours a week (for full assistantships). Graduate assistants may be given teaching, research, or administrative assignments. You do not need to complete a separate form to be considered for a graduate assistantship. The online application asks if you wish to be considered for Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships. To be considered, answer "YES."

A large number of assistantships are also available throughout the campus, and many students regularly find assistantships in other departments and offices on campus. For any assistantship outside of CHSE, students must apply directly to the unit offering the assistantship, as one would for a regular job.

Listed below are several campus websites that provide information on the various sources of financial aid available.

Office of Student Financial Aid
Information on student loans and more. The phone number is 301-314-9000 if you prefer to call.

College of Education Scholarship Opportunities
Hosted by the Office of Student Services, this webpage reviews financial aid opportunities for students of education.

Graduate School Fellowships
This webpage provides information for graduate student fellowships, travel grants, taxes, health insurance and other finance-related topics.

Graduate Assistant Job Postings
The webpage for Current Students has a section on Careers and Employment where campus units submit postings for graduate assistantships.

Some other places to look are:

Need-Based Assistance

Many students support their graduate studies fully or partially through Stafford loans, Work Study, or Private/Alternative loans. For information concerning all of these options, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid webpage.