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Waiver of Program Requirements for Students with Previous Graduate Work


The school psychology program welcomes applicants who have done previous graduate work. Inevitably, individuals with previous graduate work are interested in how such work will affect the require­ments of their program. The program's policy on waivers of curriculum requirements is guided by two considerations: (a) that students not be required to engage in needless repetitious coursework when they have satisfactorily acquired the knowledge and skills embodied in a particular requirement, and (b) notwithstanding the first consideration, that graduates of any program in psychology are regarded and evaluated by the professional community on the basis of completion of their most advanced degree. Therefore, it is the Program's responsibility to ensure adequate development of the knowledge and skills that are required of all professional school psychologists.

Coursework: A specific course may be waived by the Program Faculty under the following conditions:

  • the previous course for which the student desires credit was a course taught at the graduate level and restricted to graduate students only at a regionally accredited college or university;
  • the student earned a grade of A or B in the course;
  • review by an instructor of the course to be waived for comparability of content, where applicable; and
  • approval by the student's advisor.

Internship: In accordance with accreditation and licensure standards, all students must complete a full-year (or equivalent) pre-doctoral internship regardless of previous professional experience or training. However, the nature (e.g., emphasis of activities, type of setting) of the internship may be modified based on the student's professional background and experience.

Research: A student who has completed a previous master's thesis that involved the collection and analysis of empirical data has satisfied the pre-dissertation research competency requirement. Students who have completed other research projects (including non-empirical master's theses), published or unpublished, will be waived from the research competency requirement if the student's involvement in the research project was equivalent to all of the aspects of the research competency requirement.

Waiver vs. Transfer: Coursework, fieldwork, or research requirements for which a student obtains a waiver do not appear on the student's University of Maryland transcript. Although credits do not appear on the student's transcript, waivers of courses reduce the total number of credits required at Maryland; it is not necessary for students to make up these credits with substitute courses.

Note to Those with Completed Specialist Training in School Psychology: Although individual circumstances vary, students who have previously completed specialist-level preparation as a school psychologist may expect programs that require four years of full-time study at Maryland (including internship); in unusual cases the program for such students can be completed in three years total. The internship year does not, necessarily, require the student to remain in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area.