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Psychological & Educational Evaluation Research (PEER)


The PEER Service provides comprehensive psychological and educational evaluations of children and adolescents and related parent consultation services within the University of Maryland School Psychology Training Program. The services are available to all members of the community at a reduced fee on a space available basis. The testing is conducted by doctoral students, supervised by Dr. Jill Jacobson, the course instructor, and overseen by a licensed psychologist in the School Psychology program.

What is included in the evaluation?

The evaluation may include measures of intelligence, academic achievement, visual-motor integration, memory and learning, attention and executive functioning, personality and socio-emotional adjustment.

What is the evaluation procedure?

An initial conference is held with parents to obtain information to develop an evaluation plan, the child is tested for three or four two hour sessions, a feedback conference is held, and a written report is provided. All appointments are on Thursday mornings.

What is the cost of the evaluation?

The entire assessment procedure costs $600.00

How to contact us?

Please email Dr. Jill B. Jacobson ( to set up a brief phone interview to determine if this service is appropriate for your needs. After a decision has been made to proceed with the evaluation, the next step will be to schedule the intake interview and complete a brief form. If the child is a minor, only the parents attend the intake. All contacts with the PEER Service are confidential and culturally-sensitive.