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Advanced Graduate Specialist (AGS) Program Information


The Advanced Graduate Specialist (A.G.S.) certificate in Special Education is designed to promote professional competence in an area of concentration in the field of special education. This program is available to students planning to take extended graduate work beyond the master's level, within any of the major areas indicated for the master's programs. The certificate is awarded by the College of Education at the completion of all requirements; this is not a degree program.

The candidate for the AGS certificate must have a master's degree or its equivalent earned at the University of Maryland or another accredited institution. The minimum number of graduate hours for the AGS certificate is 60 including applicable credits from the Master's program. The core of the program should be made up of special education courses and other work within the College of Education or other colleges in the University of Maryland. The program can be part or full time, but continuous registration is required.

For more information regarding age base teacher certification in special education, please contact a special education faculty member directly via email. 

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