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Claudia Lucia Galindo (TLPL)
Claudia Lucia Galindo
Contact Information:
Room: 2311 Benjamin Building
Phone: (301) 405-4542

Claudia Lucia Galindo (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University)
Associate Professor
Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (TLPL)


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Research Interests

Educational inequality; Sociology of Education; Education and immigration; Education policy and reform Latino education; and Family, school, and community interactions


Professional Biography

Claudia Galindo is an associate professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning, Policy, and Leadership at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she teaches courses in inequality in education, immigration and education, and quantitative methodology. Dr. Galindo received her doctorate in educational theory and policy, and comparative international education with a minor in demography from The Pennsylvania State University and was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Center for Social Organization of Schools at The Johns Hopkins University. Her interdisciplinary research integrates the fields of sociology of education, educational policy, developmental psychology, and immigration. This research illuminates the cultural assets and strengths of historically underserved families and children and is grounded in ecocultural perspectives that emphasize the importance of structural, historical, and cultural contexts. In particular, her research examines racial/ethnic minority and poor students’ academic outcomes and school experiences, paying particular attention to the Latino and immigrant populations. It also identifies key mechanisms in families and schools that may perpetuate or ameliorate inequalities.

In addition, Dr. Galindo has served as a research analyst for the Peruvian Department of Education and the Center for Application and Innovation Research in Education, a University System of Maryland Center, conducting educational policy and program evaluations. She has also conducted international research about school quality and student achievement.

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Selected Publications

Selected book chapters
Galindo, C & Sanders, M. (2017). Searching for equal educational opportunities: Full-service community schools. In T. A. Turner-Vorbeck & S. Sheldon, Handbook of Family, School, Community Partnerships in Education. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Sonnenschein, S., Galindo, C., Simon, C.L.*, Metzger, S.R.*, Thompson, J.A.*, & Chung, M.* (In press). How do children learn mathematics? Chinese and Latino immigrant perspectives. In S.S. Chuang, & C. Costigan (Eds.), International perspectives on parenting and parent-child relations in immigrant families: Theoretical and practical implications. New York, NY: Springer.

Sanders, M. & Galindo, C. (2014). Communities, schools, and teachers. In Bauserman, L. Martin, S. Kragler, & D. Quatroche (Eds.), The Handbook of Professional Development, PK 12: Successful Models and Practices (pp. 103-124). New York, NY: Guilford Publishing.

Galindo, C. (2013). Math performance of young Mexican American children. In A. Sawyer, & B. Jensen (Eds.), Regarding Educacion: Mexican American Schooling the 21st Century (pp. 66-91).New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Galindo, C. & Pong, S. (2011). Tenth grade math achievement of Asian students: Are Asian students still the “Model Minority? A comparison of two educational cohorts. In X. L. Rong (Ed.), Asian American Education-Identities, Racial Issues, and Languages (pp. 129).Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.

Selected journal articles

Galindo, C., Sanders, M., & Abel, Y. (In press). Transforming educational experiences in low income communities: A qualitative case study of social capital in a full- service community school. American Educational Research Journal

Galindo, C., Stein, K. & Schaffer, E. (In press). A case study of a turnaround high school: An examination of the Maryland state department of education Breakthrough Center Intervention. Journal of Students Placed at Risk

Gallagher, M. J. *, Galindo, C., & Shin, S. J. (2016). Writing-related attitudes of L1 students who receive help from writing fellows. Across the Disciplines, 13(2).

Hampden-Thompson, G. & Galindo, C. (2016, online first). School-family relationships, school satisfaction and the academic achievement of young people. Educational Review, 1-18.

Galindo, C. & Sonnenschein, S. (2015). Decreasing the SES math achievement gap: Initial math proficiency and home learning environments. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 43, 25-38.

Sonnenschein, S. & Galindo, C. (2015). Race/ethnicity and initial math skills: Relations between home, classroom, and math achievement. The Journal of Educational Research, 108(4), 261-277.

Jung, S.*, Fuller, B., & Galindo, C. (2012). Family functioning and early learning practices in immigrant homes. Child Development, 83(5), 1510-1526.

Galindo, C. & Sheldon, S. (2012). School and home connections and children’s kindergarten achievement gains: The mediating role of family involvement. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 47, 90-103.

Galindo, C. & Fuller, B. (2010). The social competence of Latino kindergartners and growth in mathematical understanding. Developmental Psychology, 46, 579-592.

Sheldon, S., Epstein, J., & Galindo C. (2010). Not just numbers: Creating a partnership climate to improve math proficiency in schools. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 9, 27-48.

Reardon, S. & Galindo, C. (2009). The Hispanic-White achievement gap in math and reading in the elementary grades. American Educational Research Journal, 46(3), 853-891.

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

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