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Daniel Levin (TLPL)
Daniel Levin
Contact Information:
Room: 2226B Benjamin Building
Phone: (301) 405-8345

Daniel Levin (Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park)
Clinical Assistant Professor
Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (TLPL)


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Research Interests

Responsive science teaching, formative assessment, socioscientific issues, and students' engagement in scientific practices.


Professional Biography

Daniel M. Levin is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership. Dr. Levin has taught a variety of education courses over the past seven years, at University of Maryland and American University, specializing in science pedagogy and teacher inquiry courses. Dr. Levin is Co-Pi on an MSDE grant funding the design of a certification program in elementary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). He was also a senior staff member on a NSF-funded research grant that explored how secondary science teachers modified curriculum. Using data from this grant, in 2008, Dr. Levin produced his dissertation in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Maryland at College Park. This grant has also been fruitful as a source of Dr. Levin's publications, singly and with colleagues, in Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Science Education, Journal of Teacher Education, American Biology Teacher, and The Science Teacher. Dr. Levin's main research interest is in understanding the dynamics of teachers' attention in the science classroom, specifically understanding how (and when) science teachers attend to the substance of students' scientific thinking, and how teachers' attention is shaped and constrained by the cultural systems in which they work.

Dr. Levin taught secondary public school science for nine years in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. He began his teaching career as a middle school science teacher, where he eventually also served as the science department chair. He has taught high school biology, chemistry, science research methods, Earth science, and environmental science and served as coordinator of the Science, Mathematics, and Technology Academy at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Before becoming a teacher, Dr. Levin held positions as a research biologist at the National Institutes of Health and Harvard University. He is co-author on reports of this research published in the journal Genetics and the Journal of Biological Chemistry. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and anthropology from Brandeis University, and a Master of Arts in teaching from Towson University.

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Honors & Awards

2011-2012              Faculty Technology Fellow (University of Maryland)

2010-2011              Faculty Mellon Award (American University)

2003-2006              Master Science Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools

1996                       Maryland State Senatorial Scholarship for Graduate Study

1989                         Cum laude graduate, Brandeis University

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Grants & Projects

STEM Elementary Certification Grant. Co-PI. Maryland State Department of Education. 2011-2014.

Supplemental Sub-award: What influences teachers' modifications of curriculum? Principal Investigator. 2009-2010

What influences teachers' modifications of curriculum? National Science Foundation (ESI 0455711). Senior Staff Member. PIs Drs. David Hammer, Andrew Elby, and Janet Coffey, University of Maryland. 2005-2008.

University of Maryland Noyce Scholars Program for Science Teachers. Co-PI. NSF (#1239999)

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Selected Publications

Educational Research

Levin, D.M., Hammer, D., Elby, A., and Coffey, J. (2012).  Becoming a responsive science teacher:  Focusing on student thinking in secondary science.  Arlington VA:  NSTA Press

Keselman, A., Levin, D.M., Hundal, S., Kramer, J.F., Matzkin, K., and Dutcher, G.  (2012). Teaching environmental health science for informed citizenship in the science classroom and afterschool clubs.  The International Journal of Science in Society, 3(3), 31-44.

Levin, D.M., Kramer, J.F., Keselman, A., and Barnes-Whitlock, B.  (2012) Making the argument.  The Science Teacher 79(5), 46-50. 

Levin, D.M., Grant, T., and Hammer, D.  (2012).  Attending and responding to student thinking in science.  American Biology Teacher, 74(3), 158-162

Levin, D.M and Richards, J. (2011). Learning to attend to the substance of student thinking in science.  Science Educator 20(2), 1-11

Coffey, J., Hammer, D., Levin, D.M., and Grant, T. (2011). The missing substance of formative assessment.  Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 48(10), 1109–1136

Keselman, A., Levin, D.M., Kramer, J.F., Matzkin, K., Dutcher, G.  (2011). Educating young people about environmental health for informed social action.  Umwelt und Gesundheit Online, 4, 1-8.

Levin, D.M.  (2010). The invented cell: Supporting students' reasoning about structure, function, and mechanism. The Science Teacher, 77(9), 64-65

Levin, D.M.  (2010).  Explaining biological phenomena.  The Science Teacher 77(6), 66-67

Levin, D.M., Hammer, D., and Coffey, J.E.  (2009). Novice teachers' attention to student thinking.  Journal of Teacher Education 60(2): 142-154

Tang, X., Coffey, J., Elby, A., & Levin, D.M. (2009). Scientific inquiry and scientific method:  Tensions in teaching and learning. Science Education 94(1):  29-47


Scientific Research

Brasaemle, D.L., Levin D.M., Adler-Wailes, D.C., and Londos, C., (2000).  The lipolytic stimulation of 3T3-L1 adipocytes promotes the translocation of cytosolic hormone-sensitive lipase to the lipid storage droplet.  Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 1483.  251-262

Londos, C., Brasaemle, D.L., Schultz, C.J., Adler-Wailes, D.C., Levin, D.M., Kimmel, A.R., Rondinone, C.M., (1999).  On the control of lipolysis in adipocytes.  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 892 (The Metabolic Syndrome X).  155-168

Londos, C., Brasaemle, D.L., Grui-Gray, J., Servetnick, D.A., Schultz, C.J., Levin, D.M., and Kimmel, A.R., (1995).  Perilipins:  Unique proteins associated with intracellular neutral lipid droplets in adipocytes and steroidogenic cells.  Biochemical Society Transactions, 23.  609-613.

Birchler, J., & Levin, D.M., (1991).  Directed synthesis of a segmental chromosomal transposition:  An approach to the study of chromosomes lethal to the gametophyte generation in maize.  Genetics, 127.  609-618.

Birchler, J., Chalfoun, D.J., & Levin, D.M., (1990).  Recombination in the B chromosome of maize to produce A-B-A chromosomes.  Genetics 126.  723-733.

Kaufman, E., Nelson, T., Fales, H., & Levin, D.M., (1988).  Isolation and characterization of a hydroxyacid-oxoacid transhydrogenase from rat kidney mitochondria.  Journal of Biological Chemistry, 263.  116872-116879

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

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